Dr. Myles Munroe – A leader of leaders

Last night, while lurking on Facebook I saw the news about Dr Myles Munroe. At first, I thought that it was one of those fake news stories. As I googled to hopefully prove the story wrong, I was confronted by the unfortunate truth that, yes, he and his wife were gone. I literally sat here speechless when I considered the fact that he was no longer on this side.

I had been graced with the opportunity to hear and interact with him on many occasions in services as well as behind closed doors as he imparted to the leadership of the church where we served for the last 9 years. Because of his 30+ years friendship with my pastor, Bishop Gary McIntosh I was able to glean from his insight on wisdom and leadership. When my wife and I transferred our ordination, Dr Myles Munroe was a participant in the service and laid hands on us and spoke some things over our life and ministry.

The thing that I remember most about Dr Munroe was not his talks on the kingdom of God, leadership, marriage or any of the other topics which he wrote about or taught. The thing will always stick with me is that even as well-travelled as he was, Dr Munroe was one of the most humble and personable people that I have ever known.

The world has lost a leader of leaders, but even in his passing, I rejoice that he is receiving his reward and his life was spent pouring out what God had poured into him.MylesandRuthMunroe-e1415587438405

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