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Kevin L Crawley





Kevin L. Crawley is an apostolic leader, strategist, and visionary influencing and impacting churches, leaders and communities across the country. His mission and goal is to empower people to live better, love better, be better and lead better.

In addition to having a Bachelor’s in Ministry and Leadership, Kevin has earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master’s in Leadership (MSL). He is the author of Stunted Growth: Remove the Limitations. Among Kevin’s strengths is the ability to take complex and comprehensive ideas/concepts and communicate them in engaging and practical ways.

Kevin has served in a variety of leadership roles both in ministry and corporate settings. He is the founder, alongside his wife, of Empowerment Christian Center in Phoenix, AZ. Having relocated to Phoenix with the sole goal of planting a life-giving church, Empowerment is a place that is empowering people to take cities, shake nations and change the world.

Kevin is married to his best friend and partner, Tarsha. Their 26+ year marriage is blessed with their two children, Karrecia and Kaleb, and their dog, Prince.

Kevin and Tarsha Crawley
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